I have invited you to let me tell you about Tom, my amazing friend of the feline specie. Love for the feline specie comes from the story of Peter Rabbit and Mr. Mcgregor wherein the white tabby is grooming herself by a pool of water. Later I collected insects and rocks growing up to becoming a chemist with a major oil company and later a college chemistry instruc-tor. Moving to other cities, family, etc. I lost contact with that field. Among other things, I have performed as a singer, speaker, museum docent, book recorder, newspaper reader for the blind; worked to establish a lighting business and got a mas-ters degree in radio/tv production and performance. My latest work is writing popular fiction, novels. I will try to entertain with stories about Tom and what I've learned about cats.


This is for all of you who love cats, who live with one, or more,. It is also for those of you who value friendship and enjoy the company of others. I welcome you into my life, about my cat and me. It may be we have other like interests and special loves than cats and friendship, be-cause I like to share, at times, some special insights, or some degree of enlightenment that may spring upon me. So, please join me for a little part of your day.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

From Patriotism to Sweating


I see it has been some time since I wrote anything.  Too much yard work! 
I believe our country has new people in charge who will set it on the best course to be great again, despite all the contention and poison being spread by the poor losers.  Bad sports.  My school taught
us to be good losers as well as doing rightly.  You can't win all the time, but you can win hugely by being consistent in well doing.

On the personal side, my body has changed about sweating.  I never used to sweat no matter how hot it was.  This season I now absolutely sweat.  On the up side, it keeps my weight down.

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