I have invited you to let me tell you about Tom, my amazing friend of the feline specie. Love for the feline specie comes from the story of Peter Rabbit and Mr. Mcgregor wherein the white tabby is grooming herself by a pool of water. Later I collected insects and rocks growing up to becoming a chemist with a major oil company and later a college chemistry instruc-tor. Moving to other cities, family, etc. I lost contact with that field. Among other things, I have performed as a singer, speaker, museum docent, book recorder, newspaper reader for the blind; worked to establish a lighting business and got a mas-ters degree in radio/tv production and performance. My latest work is writing popular fiction, novels. I will try to entertain with stories about Tom and what I've learned about cats.


This is for all of you who love cats, who live with one, or more,. It is also for those of you who value friendship and enjoy the company of others. I welcome you into my life, about my cat and me. It may be we have other like interests and special loves than cats and friendship, be-cause I like to share, at times, some special insights, or some degree of enlightenment that may spring upon me. So, please join me for a little part of your day.

Friday, May 30, 2014

Tom, the wonderful, handsome cat.

It has been a while since I posted anything, because I have been attending to
matters associated with the publication of my first novel, THE HIDDEN CITY, an
adventure, mystery, suspense work of fiction. Faraway places are featured from
which the heroes have to find their way out of assaults on their lives and from
an arch villain who uses his computer empire like "big brother". If this is your
genre, it is now available on Amazon, Kindle, Nook, Notebook, etc. It can be
special ordered from Barnes & Noble as well. I acknowledge my own fault any
mistakes I did not correct. I truly put my mind to it.

But this is to be about Tom, who on the whole, has been a well-behaved, affectionate cat. He spends his mornings and evenings checking up on the local
wildlife, following their flittings and leapings from window to window -- inside
the house. Between times, he sleeps or follows my movements in the house.
He actually waits for me to make my ablutions and dress in the mornings and then
when I move toward the kitchen, and utility where his food dish is. I keep on
telling him he doesn't need me to escort him to his food, but he then proceeds to
take another go at his morning meal. Then another nap. They are so cute when they are asleep. Note that look of contentment when they are successful in getting on your bed and you want them off. Well, not all of you. If yours is an
outdoor cat, he,she may carry in dust or, if heavy, leave tracks on your smooth
bedspread. Tom is very heavy on his feet, and his paws leave prints on the wood

Next time I'll tell you about my first "Tom". Cats lived very differently then.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Cats and novels

Good morning,
I am glad you people find cats curious, charming, and companionable. Tom, the intelligent, all-knowing, comfort-seeking friend is often linked to me as though I am his all in all. I guess that's mostly true. And the price of his meaty cat food just went up two cents. Twelve cents more on my food bill. Thank heavens, he is not a large dog.
I am now getting ready to mail out copies of my newly published novel, THE HIDDEN CITY as soon as I get copies. It will be available electronically. More news about that later when it is set up. All good things must be carefully attended to and put in proper order. I am thinking strongly about the best ways to accomplish it.
I am glad Tom is not trying to help me key the computer now. Ya'all have a great spring season. Pet those kitties!