I have invited you to let me tell you about Tom, my amazing friend of the feline specie. Love for the feline specie comes from the story of Peter Rabbit and Mr. Mcgregor wherein the white tabby is grooming herself by a pool of water. Later I collected insects and rocks growing up to becoming a chemist with a major oil company and later a college chemistry instruc-tor. Moving to other cities, family, etc. I lost contact with that field. Among other things, I have performed as a singer, speaker, museum docent, book recorder, newspaper reader for the blind; worked to establish a lighting business and got a mas-ters degree in radio/tv production and performance. My latest work is writing popular fiction, novels. I will try to entertain with stories about Tom and what I've learned about cats.


This is for all of you who love cats, who live with one, or more,. It is also for those of you who value friendship and enjoy the company of others. I welcome you into my life, about my cat and me. It may be we have other like interests and special loves than cats and friendship, be-cause I like to share, at times, some special insights, or some degree of enlightenment that may spring upon me. So, please join me for a little part of your day.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Tom and the Lavatory soap

Of course, your cat wants to do everything you do.  So it is with,Tom, the resident cat with Barbara
Thomas (writing as Barbara Lockett).  As I make myself presentable in the morning Tom likes to join me, hopping up on the counter in the bathroom.  He opens the cabinet and would like to venture in, but there is no room for him.  The cabinet is full, so he pads across the counter to examine the soap dish.  He sniffs it and almost applies the tip of his tongue to it.  Satisfied, he loses interest and gets out of the way for me to apply makeup under bright lighting.  I know he will check out the soap again.  Evidently, he likes the smell of clean soap.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Business Unusual!

I arose this morning to notice much activity going on next door.  Steam issued from a 24" diameter hole next to the driveway of the house next door.  As a result the concrete driveway was scooped up to the mud underneath and cement poured on for a new surface.  Workers are still there working dirt into the sides of the drive. 

Still unseasonably cold here.  I am losing time to be outside on the ground pulling a backyard full of weeds out.  The weeds are the pretty little purple flowered stems jutting up, filling the back yard like a carpet over the ground.  The heck of it is it is too cold to work outside, and the weather shows no sign of improving.  I have tried to be out and clear away the weeds, but am allergic to the cold.  Runny nose and shivering frame, I don't survive the cold along with the wind.  I will try again today.  I may clear a little more ground.  However, there is a lot of it.  I have a big backyard.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Tom and the Soapdish

Tom shares the bathroom in the mornings as I prepare for the day.  He investigates the items on the counter by the lavatory.  The soap fascinates him.  Apparently, he likes the scent.  But it doesn't stop there.  He even tests it with his tongue, lightly of course.  Yes, cats are curious .

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Helper Tom

Today, Tom is adamant about his input for this posting.  He is pawing on the side of my chair with his claws out.  Except for the Captain's Chair I'm sitting in, he would be in my lap and up on the computer desk.  However, the chair has spindles under the side arms.  I have to say, he has now given up gracefully and retired away from the room.