I have invited you to let me tell you about Tom, my amazing friend of the feline specie. Love for the feline specie comes from the story of Peter Rabbit and Mr. Mcgregor wherein the white tabby is grooming herself by a pool of water. Later I collected insects and rocks growing up to becoming a chemist with a major oil company and later a college chemistry instruc-tor. Moving to other cities, family, etc. I lost contact with that field. Among other things, I have performed as a singer, speaker, museum docent, book recorder, newspaper reader for the blind; worked to establish a lighting business and got a mas-ters degree in radio/tv production and performance. My latest work is writing popular fiction, novels. I will try to entertain with stories about Tom and what I've learned about cats.


This is for all of you who love cats, who live with one, or more,. It is also for those of you who value friendship and enjoy the company of others. I welcome you into my life, about my cat and me. It may be we have other like interests and special loves than cats and friendship, be-cause I like to share, at times, some special insights, or some degree of enlightenment that may spring upon me. So, please join me for a little part of your day.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Well, well, we come to a new report.  Tom is doing wonderfully, handling the cold nights late in this February.  He is an indoor cat during the eay and is outdoors at night.  I offer him sanctuary inside when it is stormy or too cold for me.  He has agreed to come inside around ten p.m. when it is below freezing.  He is allowed to stay in the utility room which has a door to the powder room, so that he won't awaken me.  Otherwise, he would love to share my bed and back up hard against my back and sleep with me for a time.  Then, restless, he would be coming and going all night long interupting my sleep.

This week I was reminded of the toliet paper commercial showing cats reared up to the mounted roll and delighting themselves in unrolling every last sheet on the roll.  Tom has passed most of his nights inside sleeping on the rug in the utility or the powder room.  Occasionally he opens the cabinet door and en-joys looking at, or pulling out a couple of hand towels.  But this week he attacked the paper roll.  It is not that he likes to unroll it.  No!  He loves to get his toes and claws into anything soft.  He claws deeply into the new rolls and pulls out fragments of paper which I find on the floor.  Not only that, but he leaves behind on the roll a veritable work of art.  PERFORMANCE ART AT ITS BEST.